How to install Add-On module for Canon Inkjet printer driver (Windows 7 / Vista)

Last Updated : 18-Feb-2010
Issue Number : 8200670200


Add-On module for Canon Inkjet printer driver enables you to add more functions to the printer driver provided in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
By installing the Add-On module, you can enjoy the functions equivalent to the ones available with the Canon printer driver.
You can check whether Canon Inkjet printer driver Add-On module is installed or not either from Control Panel, or from printer driver's UI.
When the printer driver or MP Driver included in the OS, as the Effects tab is not displayed, you cannot use functions such as "VIVID Photo," "Simulate Illustration," "Monochrome Effects," and etc.
Additionally install Add-On module.
This Add-On module supports Windows 7 or Windows Vista only.

1. Save the Add-On module for Canon Inkjet printer driver (hereinafter called Add-On module) in advance.

2. Double-click Add-On module icon, and the User Account Control window shown below is displayed. Click Continue.

3. The Welcome window is displayed. Click Next.

4. The Printer Detection window is displayed. When multiple models are listed, select the printer you are usually using, then click Next.

This window is not displayed when you are using Add-On module Ver. 1.10. Go to step 5.

5. The Select Your Place of Residence window is displayed. Select the place of residence, then click Next.

6. The License Agreement window is displayed. Click Yes to execute the installation.

7. The Installation Complete widow is displayed. Click Finish.

The end of the procedure.

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