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Inkjet multifunctional printers

30 August 2013 (Updated)

After-Sales Service Support for Inkjet, Inkjet AIO, Inkjet Fax and Scanner


*1: New product model launch after Aug 2013 is not listed here.
*2: Those models indicated with "-" means the After-Sales Service Due Date is not fixed yet.
*3: If you wish to repair a product model beyond the After-Sales Service Due Date, there is a high risk of being unable to obtain spare parts to repair the model.
In such cases, please check with our respective sales company directly.
*4: Certain spare parts for this model have already end-of-life and cannot be provided for repair.

You can check for product model still in support for your specific model from "After-Sales Service Due Date" listed below.

Product Group Product Description After-Sales Service Due Date *1, *2, *3
Inkjet i9950 30-Sep-2013
Inkjet PIXMA iP100 -
Inkjet PIXMA iP2770 -
Inkjet PIXMA iP3680 31-Mar-2015
Inkjet PIXMA iP4500*4 30-Sep-2013
Inkjet PIXMA iP4870*4 30-Sep-2016
Inkjet PIXMA iP4970 31-Mar-2018
Inkjet PIXMA iP7270 -
Inkjet PIXMA iX4000*4 31-Mar-2016
Inkjet PIXMA iX5000*4 31-Mar-2016
Inkjet PIXMA iX6560 31-Mar-2019
Inkjet PIXMA iX7000 -
Inkjet PIXMA PRO-1 -
Inkjet PIXMA PRO-10 -
Inkjet PIXMA PRO-100 -
Inkjet PIXMA PRO9000*4 31-Mar-2014
Inkjet PIXMA PRO9000MK2 30-Sep-2017
Inkjet PIXMA PRO9500*4 31-Mar-2014
Inkjet PIXMA PRO9500MK2 30-Sep-2017
Inkjet AIO PIXMA E500 30-Sep-2014
Inkjet AIO PIXMA E510 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA E610 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG2170 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG2270 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG2470 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG2570 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG3170 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG3570 RED -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG4170 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG4270 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG5170 30-Sep-2017
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG5270 30-Sep-2017
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG5370 30-Sep-2018
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG5470 31-Mar-2019
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG6170*4 30-Sep-2016
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG6270 31-Mar-2018
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG6370 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG6370 BLACK 30-Sep-2018
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG6370 WHITE 30-Sep-2018
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG8170*4 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MG8270 31-Mar-2018
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP237 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP258 30-Sep-2013
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP276 30-Sep-2013
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP287 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP496 30-Sep-2013
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP497 30-Sep-2014
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP520*4 30-Sep-2013
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP545*4 30-Jun-2013
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP558*4 30-Sep-2015
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP568*4 30-Sep-2015
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP600R*4 30-Sep-2013
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP610*4 30-Sep-2013
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP628*4 30-Sep-2014
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP638*4 30-Sep-2014
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP648*4 30-Sep-2015
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP970*4 30-Sep-2013
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP988*4 30-Sep-2014
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP996*4 30-Sep-2015
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX366 31-Mar-2014
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX397 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX416 30-Sep-2014
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX426 30-Mar-2014
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX457 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX527 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX700*4 30-Sep-2014
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX727 -
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX7600*4 30-Sep-2015
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX850*4 30-Mar-2014
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX868*4 30-Mar-2015
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX876*4 31-Mar-2017
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX886*4 31-Mar-2017
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX897 31-Mar-2018
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX927 -
Inkjet Fax FAX-JX200 31-Mar-2014
Inkjet Fax FAX-JX201 31-Mar-2014
Inkjet Fax FAX-JX300 31-Mar-2014
Inkjet Fax JX210P 31-Mar-2016
Inkjet Fax JX510P 31-Mar-2016
Scanner CANOSCAN 4400F 31-Mar-2014
Scanner CANOSCAN 5600F -
Scanner CANOSCAN 8800F*4 30-Sep-2015
Scanner CANOSCAN 9000F 30-Mar-2018
Scanner CANOSCAN 9000F MKII -
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 100 30-Sep-2015
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 110 -
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 200 30-Sep-2015
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 210 -
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 25 30-Sep-2013
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 600F 30-Sep-2013
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 700F -
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 90 30-Sep-2013
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*5: Product model that has the After-Sales Service Due Date expired before 30 Aug 2013 is listed below.

Product Group Product Description After-Sales Service Due Date *5
Inkjet BJ-100 1-Oct-2002
Inkjet BJ-10E BLACK 1-Mar-2003
Inkjet BJ-10E WHITE 1-Mar-2003
Inkjet BJ-10EX BLACK 1-May-2004
Inkjet BJ-10EX WHITE 1-May-2004
Inkjet BJ-10L BLACK 1-May-2004
Inkjet BJ-10L WHITE 1-Feb-1994
Inkjet BJ-10SX BLACK 1-Feb-2002
Inkjet BJ-130 1-May-1998
Inkjet BJ-130E 1-Oct-1999
Inkjet BJ-20 BLACK 1-Aug-2000
Inkjet BJ-20 WHITE 1-Aug-2000
Inkjet BJ-200 1-Feb-2002
Inkjet BJ-200E 1-Jun-2001
Inkjet BJ-200EX 1-Mar-2003
Inkjet BJ-230 1-Apr-1993
Inkjet BJ-30 1-Jan-2004
Inkjet BJ-30 WHITE 1-Aug-2004
Inkjet BJ-300 1-Aug-2004
Inkjet BJ-30V 30-Jun-2009
Inkjet BJ-330 1-Aug-2004
Inkjet BJ-80 1-May-1992
Inkjet BJ-80AP 1-May-1998
Inkjet BJ-80AS 1-May-1998
Inkjet BJC-1000SP 30-Nov-2007
Inkjet BJC-2000SP 31-Dec-2007
Inkjet BJC-210 1-Jan-2005
Inkjet BJC-2100SP 30-Aug-2010
Inkjet BJC-210S 1-Aug-2004
Inkjet BJC-210SP 1-Feb-2005
Inkjet BJC-210SP BLACK 1-Jan-2007
Inkjet BJC-210ST 1-Sep-2004
Inkjet BJC-240 1-Mar-2004
Inkjet BJC-250 30-Nov-2009
Inkjet BJC-250EX 31-Dec-2007
Inkjet BJC-255SP 1-Jun-2006
Inkjet BJC-265SP 3-Jun-1999
Inkjet BJC-3000 31-May-2007
Inkjet BJC-35V 1-Oct-2003
Inkjet BJC-4000 1-Jan-1996
Inkjet BJC-4100 31-Jan-2011
Inkjet BJC-4200 30-Nov-2009
Inkjet BJC-4200SP 1-Jun-2005
Inkjet BJC-4300EX 1-Jun-2005
Inkjet BJC-4310SP 1-Apr-2006
Inkjet BJC-440 1-Jun-1991
Inkjet BJC-4400 30-Nov-2008
Inkjet BJC-4550 1-Feb-2005
Inkjet BJC-4650 1-Mar-2006
Inkjet BJC-50 1-Mar-2006
Inkjet BJC-5100 31-Dec-2006
Inkjet BJC-55 31-Jul-2010
Inkjet BJC-5500 1-May-2004
Inkjet BJC-600 1-Aug-2002
Inkjet BJC-6000 1-Jun-2006
Inkjet BJC-600E 1-Sep-1997
Inkjet BJC-610 31-Jan-2008
Inkjet BJC-6100 31-Aug-2007
Inkjet BJC-620 1-Sep-1997
Inkjet BJC-6200 30-Nov-2007
Inkjet BJC-6500 31-Jan-2008
Inkjet BJC-70 BLACK 1-Feb-2004
Inkjet BJC-70 WHITE 1-May-2003
Inkjet BJC-7000 30-Nov-2009
Inkjet BJC-7100 31-Jan-2008
Inkjet BJC-80 30-Jun-2009
Inkjet BJC-800 (CENTRO) 1-Mar-2005
Inkjet BJC-820 (SCSI) 1-Jun-2004
Inkjet BJC-8200 30-Sep-2008
Inkjet BJC-85 30-Jun-2010
Inkjet BJC-880 1-Dec-2001
Inkjet DS700 31-May-2010
Inkjet DS810 31-Jul-2011
Inkjet i255 30-May-2006
Inkjet i320 31-May-2010
Inkjet i355 30-Jun-2006
Inkjet i450 30-Jun-2010
Inkjet i470D 30-Jun-2010
Inkjet i550 31-Aug-2010
Inkjet i560 31-Aug-2011
Inkjet i6100 31-Mar-2013
Inkjet i6500 31-Mar-2013
Inkjet i70 30-Nov-2010
Inkjet i80 30-Nov-2011
Inkjet i850 31-Jul-2010
Inkjet i865 30-Jun-2011
Inkjet i905D 30-Sep-2011
Inkjet i9100 30-Nov-2010
Inkjet i950 31-Aug-2010
Inkjet i990 30-Jun-2011
Inkjet PIXMA iP1000 30-Nov-2007
Inkjet PIXMA iP1200 30-May-2008
Inkjet PIXMA iP1300 31-Aug-2011
Inkjet PIXMA iP1500 30-Nov-2007
Inkjet PIXMA iP1600 30-May-2008
Inkjet PIXMA iP1700 30-Jan-2009
Inkjet PIXMA iP1880 31-Jul-2010
Inkjet PIXMA iP1980 31-Dec-2011
Inkjet PIXMA iP2000 30-Jun-2007
Inkjet PIXMA iP2200 30-May-2008
Inkjet PIXMA iP2580 30-Nov-2009
Inkjet PIXMA iP2680 31-Mar-2012
Inkjet PIXMA iP3000 30-Jun-2010
Inkjet PIXMA iP3300 30-May-2009
Inkjet PIXMA iP3500 31-Jul-2010
Inkjet PIXMA iP4000 31-Jul-2010
Inkjet PIXMA iP4000R 30-Jun-2010
Inkjet PIXMA iP4200 31-Aug-2011
Inkjet PIXMA iP4300 30-Sep-2012
Inkjet PIXMA iP4680 30-Jun-2011
Inkjet PIXMA iP4760 30-Sep-2012
Inkjet PIXMA iP5000 30-Jun-2010
Inkjet PIXMA iP5200 31-Jul-2011
Inkjet PIXMA iP5200R 31-Aug-2011
Inkjet PIXMA iP5300 30-Sep-2012
Inkjet PIXMA iP6000D 30-Jun-2010
Inkjet PIXMA iP6210D 31-Jan-2008
Inkjet PIXMA iP6220D 30-Apr-2009
Inkjet PIXMA iP6320D 30-Aug-2008
Inkjet PIXMA iP6600D 31-Jul-2011
Inkjet PIXMA iP6700D 30-Sep-2012
Inkjet PIXMA iP8500 31-Dec-2010
Inkjet PIXMA iP90 31-Mar-2012
Inkjet PIXMA iP90V 31-Mar-2013
Inkjet S100SP 30-Nov-2009
Inkjet S200SP 30-Nov-2009
Inkjet S200SPX 30-May-2006
Inkjet S300 31-May-2009
Inkjet S330 31-Mar-2010
Inkjet S400 30-Nov-2008
Inkjet S400SP 30-Nov-2008
Inkjet S450 30-Sep-2008
Inkjet S4500 30-Nov-2009
Inkjet S520 30-Nov-2009
Inkjet S530D 31-Jan-2010
Inkjet S600 30-Nov-2008
Inkjet S6300 31-Oct-2009
Inkjet S750 31-Oct-2009
Inkjet S800 31-Dec-2008
Inkjet S820 30-Nov-2009
Inkjet S820D 31-Jul-2009
Inkjet S900 30-Nov-2009
Inkjet S9000 30-Nov-2009
Inkjet AIO IMAGECLASS MP370 30-Nov-2011
Inkjet AIO IMAGECLASS MP390 31-Mar-2012
Inkjet AIO IMAGECLASS MP730 31-Aug-2011
Inkjet AIO IMAGECLASS MPC190S 31-Oct-2011
Inkjet AIO IMAGECLASS MPC200 30-Sep-2010
Inkjet AIO IMAGECLASS MPC400 1-Feb-2010
Inkjet AIO IMAGECLASS MPC600F 1-Jan-2010
Inkjet AIO IMAGECLASS MPC700 31-May-2011
Inkjet AIO MULTIPASS 10 1-Dec-2004
Inkjet AIO MULTIPASS C100 1-Mar-2008
Inkjet AIO MULTIPASS C20 30-Nov-2009
Inkjet AIO MULTIPASS C30 1-May-2005
Inkjet AIO MULTIPASS C50 1-Jan-2007
Inkjet AIO MULTIPASS C70 6-Feb-2000
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP110 31-July-2010
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP130 30-Jun-2010
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP145 30-Jun-2011
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP150 30-Jun-2008
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP160 30-Jun-2009
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP170 30-Jun-2009
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP180 31-Oct-2009
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP198 30-Nov-2011
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP228 31-Jul-2010
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP245 30-Jun-2011
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP268 30-Jun-2011
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP450 30-Sep-2009
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP460 30-Sep-2009
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP476 31-Oct-2010
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP486 31-Oct-2011
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP500 31-Jul-2011
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP510 30-Sep-2012
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP530 30-Sep-2012
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP600 30-Sep-2012
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP760 29-Jun-2010
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP780 31-Jan-2011
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP800 31-Jul-2011
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP800R 31-Jul-2011
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP810 30-Sep-2012
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MP830 31-Mar-2013
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX308 30-Apr-2011
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX318 31-Dec-2010
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX328 31-Mar-2013
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX338 31-Mar-2012
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX347 30-Dec-2012
Inkjet AIO PIXMA MX357 31-Mar-2013
Inkjet Fax FAX-B100 1-Nov-2005
Inkjet Fax FAX-B110 1-Sep-2004
Inkjet Fax FAX-B120 30-Jun-2011
Inkjet Fax FAX-B140 30-Jun-2011
Inkjet Fax FAX-B150 1-Jan-2007
Inkjet Fax FAX-B155 1-Feb-2010
Inkjet Fax FAX-B200S 31-Mar-1995
Inkjet Fax FAX-B210C 1-Mar-2008
Inkjet Fax FAX-B320 1-Aug-2004
Inkjet Fax FAX-B340 1-Nov-2002
Inkjet Fax FAX-B360 1-Jun-2002
Inkjet Fax FAX-B400 1-Nov-2002
Inkjet Fax FAX-B820 30-Nov-2011
Inkjet Fax FAX-B822 30-Nov-2011
Inkjet Fax FAX-TR177 30-Sep-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN 2700F 30-Nov-2009
Scanner CANOSCAN 300 1-Jun-2005
Scanner CANOSCAN 3000 1-Jun-2010
Scanner CANOSCAN 3000EX 30-Nov-2010
Scanner CANOSCAN 3000F 1-Jun-2010
Scanner CANOSCAN 300S 1-Mar-2005
Scanner CANOSCAN 3200 30-Apr-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN 3200F 30-Sep-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN 4200F 30-May-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN 5000F 1-Feb-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN 5200F 30-Apr-2010
Scanner CANOSCAN 600 1-Oct-2006
Scanner CANOSCAN 8200F 30-Jul-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN 8400F 30-Jun-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN 8600F 30-Sep-2012
Scanner CANOSCAN 9900F 30-Jun-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN 9950F 30-Jun-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN D1230U 1-Nov-2008
Scanner CANOSCAN D1250UF/U2 1-Nov-2009
Scanner CANOSCAN D2400U 1-Jun-2009
Scanner CANOSCAN D646U 1-Mar-2009
Scanner CANOSCAN D646UEX 30-Apr-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN D660U 1-May-2009
Scanner CANOSCAN FB1200S 31-Aug-2007
Scanner CANOSCAN FB1210U 1-Dec-2007
Scanner CANOSCAN FB310 1-Jul-2005
Scanner CANOSCAN FB320P 1-Jun-2006
Scanner CANOSCAN FB320U 1-Jun-2006
Scanner CANOSCAN FB330P 30-Sep-2008
Scanner CANOSCAN FB610 1-Jul-2005
Scanner CANOSCAN FB620P(BLACK) 1-Jun-2006
Scanner CANOSCAN FB620U 1-Jun-2006
Scanner CANOSCAN FB630P 1-Jun-2007
Scanner CANOSCAN FB630U 1-Jun-2007
Scanner CANOSCAN FB630UI 1-Jun-2007
Scanner CANOSCAN FB636U 1-Jun-2007
Scanner CANOSCAN FS2710 31-Jan-2008
Scanner CANOSCAN FS4000US 31-Dec-2010
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 30 30-May-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 35 30-Apr-2010
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 50 30-May-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 500F 30-May-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 60 30-Jun-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 70 30-Sep-2012
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 80 30-Nov-2009
Scanner CANOSCAN LiDE 80 30-Nov-2011
Scanner CANOSCAN N1220U 30-Jun-2008
Scanner CANOSCAN N1240U 1-May-2009
Scanner CANOSCAN N340P 1-Jul-2008
Scanner CANOSCAN N640P 1-Jul-2008
Scanner CANOSCAN N640P EX 2-Jan-2010
Scanner CANOSCAN N650U 30-Jun-2008
Scanner CANOSCAN N656U 30-Jun-2008
Scanner CANOSCAN N670U/N676 1-May-2009
Scanner iX-3010 1-Feb-1994
Scanner iX-4015 1-Jan-2001
Scanner IX-4025 1-Oct-2003
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